In the year 2088, our solar system will be under siege by the Nactaria:  the most advanced alien species in the known and unknown universe.  The Nactaria will have begun to devour the planets of our Sun the moment they reach the Kuiper belt.  

The Nactaria, a trade of outcasts from their home world of Oyanna, fled after failing to overthrow the ruling council.  As fugitives with historically unparalleled power, the Nactarians have taken their quest to devour planets to harvest their energy leaving behind a fossilized memory of where life and natural resources once flourished.  

The only hope for Earth’s survival lies with the Eljasek alien species.  Although out-smarted by the Nactaria on several occasions, they have finally discovered their Achilles heel weakness - TITANIUM! This rare precious alloy is fatal to the Nactaria upon contact which causes an instant spontaneous adverse reaction.

The SPACESHIP was developed after an extensive research collaboration with the Eljasek and a gift to humanity. With 40 Titanium SPACESHIP yoyo’s deployed to earth, you can help protect our planet and improve your own game in doing so.

The SPACESHIP:  Saving humanity one trick combo at-a-time.



Grade 5 titanium (Ti6-Al-4V)
54 mm (diameter) x 43 mm (width) x 4.4 mm (gap)
NSK x Yoyorecreation Size C platinum Double Straight Bearing
8mm M4 stainless steel axle
19mm response pads

The SPACESHIP is made of premium Grade 5 titanium (Ti6-Al-4V), the only known titanium alloy that is able to trigger an anaphylactic reaction in the Nactaria upon contact. What does that mean to you?  Absolutely nothing unless you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time during the Nactaria invasion.  And if you are, you’ll be glad the SPACESHIP is your throw of the day.  So will the good samaritans around you.  The durometer of hardness and thermal resistance of the alloy ensures that zero damage occurs after contact with the Nactaria, so humans like yourself concerned with sustainability will be able to reuse the SPACESHIP infinitely.  In laypersons terms and those who don’t want to think so hard, it’s that durable!

The Nactaria have an acute sensitivity to old school yo-yo shapes.  This prompted the Eljasek to design the SPACESHIP with classic influences of the yo-yo boom in the 2000s, pulling inspiration from the RecRev Bad Rep and Yoyofactory 401k. The yo-yo measures 54 mm (diameter) x 43 mm (width) x 4.4 mm (gap) and weighs 63g, with slightly more weight distributed to the rim than the centre. This enables you to string together countless formations to counter the Nactaria.  You would also be able to do more than just a Mach 5.


Each side of the yo-yo is engraved with a different artwork, as shown above.



yoyorecreation Logo.png
NSK DS Bearing Logo.png

To increase speed and spin time, these SPACESHIPS are powered by NSK Double Straight bearings. These are designed by Yoyorecreation, a long term ally of the Eljasek, and inspired by the unparalleled spin time of the Draupnir. These Made in Japan bearings have the absolute highest precision when seeking the Nactaria.

Note: These are NOT the regular economy steel Double Straight bearings. These are the Japan manufactured NSK platinum versions.




No SPACESHIP is complete without a SPACE CAPSULE.  Your battle born skilled equipment comes complete in a CNC machined black SPACE CAPSULE. The medical grade Delrin will act as a book-shelf or backpack holster so you are ready to play, protect, and serve with style.

Every SPACE CAPSULE comes with a 360 degree wrap-around sticker, designed by Jason Week, showing a view of Earth from inside one of the Eljasek SPACESHIPS!


Alphabet Key.png
Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 3.54.54 PM.png

The SPACE COMMUNICATOR is a 8GB USB flash drive etched with the Eljasek language key and are preloaded with the Eljasek font file. You are advised to download the font file into their font library and immediately establish communication with the Eljasek once they receive their SPACESHIP.  You will get tips and tricks previously unknown to modern civilization transcribed into a language you understand (literacy required).




We know you don’t plan on sending the SPACESHIP out of Earth’s atmosphere… but just in case!  The SPACE PARACHUTE (blue cloth pictured above) will allow for softer landing on impact on Earth or anyplace with a similar gravitation effect on the SPACESHIP’S mass. Made of 100% cotton and reinforced on its periphery with Eljasek stitching technology.


The included neon green 19mm pads are reinforced with proprietary Eljasek technology.  What that exactly means is a mystery because when we asked, their lawyers said, “it’s proprietary.”  But what they did tell us is that it gives these SPACESHIPS the initial boost and enough power to take the SPACESHIPS "Around The World” or for a “Planetary Hop" many times over like a pleasant Sunday Morning drive. The thick 100% nylon neon green strings ensures that your SPACESHIP can overcome any “Gravity Pull”.



Only 40 SPACESHIPS have been deployed to earth. Each SPACESHIP will come with a certificate of authenticity to differentiate them from decoys that may be sent by the Nactaria or agents thereof.

Here’s how you can tell which number you got - on the side with the SPACESHIP logo, the five top hexagons represent the numbers 0 to 4 and the ten bottom hexagons represent the numbers 0 to 9. The one pictured above has the hexagons numbered "0” and “2” marked and is thus the 2/40 yo-yo of the run.


The SPACESHIP retails for 319.99 USD and is available for purchase directly from its creator, Elvin Lim. He only has a handful of SPACESHIPS at hand as most have been sold to collectors or sent to retailers.

You can contact Elvin Lim via email ( or via Facebook Messenger. He can be found on the “Yo-Yo BST & Talk” Facebook group.

Alternatively, a handful will be available at each of these retailers: